Small Town Hero

After being made redundant and left by the mother of his child, Pep becomes an overnight local hero when he takes the law into his own hands to prevent a crime. The Neighbourhood Watch welcome his actions and offer a platform to further his agenda and fulfil his vision of creating a utopia; a town with no antisocial behaviour or crime.

When a documentary filmmaker hears of Pep’s story he decides to make him the subject of his next fly-on-the-wall documentary, exploring the man and his mission. Relishing his new found stardom, Pep begins to spiral out of control, becoming violent, aggressive and more public. With violence proving contagious amongst the residents and with all the criminals disappearing, suddenly Pep is seen as the most dangerous man left, and the people he sought to protect turn against him.

Shunned by the town that once hailed him a hero, his family set to move away and the film maker finished with his story; the rumour of a paedophile living among them gives Pep one last chance to save the day, and the hunt begins. Can Pep oust the paedophile and win back the affections of the town? Or will his desperation to prove his worth lead to his demise?